All the 2020 Wedding Flower Trends, According to Experts

Maggie Griswold
All the 2020 Wedding Flower Trends, According to Experts
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Some people might think that the most important part of a wedding is the dress, food or people. And while I agree that those are vital aspects of a great wedding, many people forget the importance of flowers. If you’ve ever been to a wedding where the flowers were subpar or non-existent, you probably already understand why people spend so much money on them. Of course, it’s not necessary to spend thousands on flowers for your wedding, but it is necessary to make yourself aware of the 2020 wedding floral trends. Even if you decide to go against the grain and choose something avant garde, it’s helpful to know the upcoming trends. (Think in the same vein as having to know the rules before you break them.)

What’s fun about going through wedding flower trends, though, is getting to see how people use gorgeous living things. The flowers at a wedding can be so personal or so matched to a person’s aesthetic—Taking the time to really choose the right type of floral arrangements is actually very important. Whether you want to use the flowers that grew in the garden of your childhood home or want something totally unexpected, the 2020 wedding floral trends can be adjusted to fit your wildest dreams.

Below, you’ll find five of the wedding flower trends you can expect to see in 2020, according to experts. StyleCaster talked with wedding directors from Thumbtack and Birch Event Design to get the scoop on what will be popping up in 2020 weddings. Whatever you choose for your wedding, just make sure it brings a smile to your face.

2020 Wedding Floral Trends

Ione Martinez/Thumbtack.

Subtle Pops of Color—

“Bougainvillea is popular right now for its bright color and eclectic vibes. We see a lot of couples going for more muted and neutral colors as far as linens and wardrobe and weaving in subtle pops of color and brightness in their florals,” Thumbtack Pro and Wedding Director, Ione Martinez of Haus 353 tells StyleCaster.

2020 Wedding Floral Trends

Birch Event Design.

Sculptural Mixed Media—

“Architecture will of course play a role in 2020,” says Josh Siegal, President & Creative Director of Birch Event Design. “Metallics mixed with nude tones and wood will be the recipe for sculptures and other pieces that get mixed into flowers. This will create more of an artistic or fixed look.”

2020 Wedding Floral Trends


The Untamed Blushing Bride—

Ione Martinez of Haus 353 tells us: “We see a community of brides taking to blush and cream tones with a classic textured twist, using dried and bleached flowers and foliage. Designs/shapes will start to look unruly and organic, much like a beautiful untamed garden. Dried florals are also great for wedding day prep as they stay preserved and pristine over time.”

2020 Wedding Trends

perfectholiday on Etsy.

LED Moments—

“We’re going to be looking at a lot of futuristic elements as well. More LED tubes, and other LED moments brought into centerpieces. So a gorgeous pampas arrangement will no longer be in a glass or wood vase, but rather, sitting on light tubes that will give it a whole different effect,” says Josh Spiegel of Birch Event Design.

2020 Wedding Floral Trends


Planting Sustainability—

“More and more brides to be are choosing sustainability, creating potted plants as takeaways. They last for months and are trendy,” says Ione Martinez of Haus 353.