5 Unique Ways To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Meghan Blalock
what to wear to a wedding

Photos via David’s Bridal

Wedding season is in full swing, and by this time you probably think you’ve heard it all: how to wear a non-wedding dress on your big day, how to put your bridesmaids in cool gear, and even the right and wrong ways to shop for gifts. Admittedly, wedding culture can be overwhelming at times, but there’s one aspect that never gets tiring: accessories.

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The accessories you choose on your big day are one of the main ways you’ll get to have fun and express yourself, according to David’s Bridal assistant buyer Lindsay Dragone, who specializes in jewelry and headpieces. “You’re not really a bride until you accessorize,” Dragone told us. “Accessorizing is really the bride’s way to put her personalized stamp on what her look is going to be that day. Definitely just give things a whirl because it’s your day, and you should experiment a little bit.”

Lindsay shared with us five unique ways to add your personality to that traditional white gown. See her suggestions below!

1. Rock a non-traditional shoe. “We’re seeing more and more brides put their personality into their shoes, like picking a color to match their bridesmaid dresses,” she says. “Or wearing blue for something blue. They’re being creative with their shoes because they can wear them again and they will remind them of their wedding day.”

2. Try wearing a tie-back headband and styling the ribbons however you like. “You can have them showing or tuck it into your updo,” Lindsay says.

headband 5 Unique Ways To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Ribbon Tie Headband with Crystal Floral Design, $129; at David’s Bridal

3. Choose simple jewels for alternative dresses. “In the bridal world right now, we’re seeing a lot of alternative necklines in the gowns,” Dragone observes. “So you’ll have higher necks, sleeves, cowl necks, and things like that. To not take away from that detail of the dress, a classic stud is always a good go-to, whether it’s a pearl or a crystal.”

4. Wear a cathedral veil for the ceremony, then tuck it back for your reception. “I think when you wear a veil, it really speaks to your day,” Lindsay says. “This is the the only time you can wear that beautiful veil and walk down the aisle. Then some brides take their cathedral veils and bunch them up in their updo so they have an avant-garde look for the reception.”

cathedral veil 2

Crystal and Floral Design Cathedral Veil, $149; at David’s Bridal

5. Utilize your accessories to create a different look for your reception. “I know brides don’t always have the budget to do a full dress change, so your accessories can really help you there,” Dragone says. “We’re finding a lot of brides using headpieces in different ways. They might change from a tiara to a flower crown or something more casual and soft for the reception.”


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