11 Space-Saving Hacks For Tiny Apartment Living

I know it’s annoying to hear New Yorkers complain about the lack of space they have in their apartments, so I apologize for being one of them. But let me just put out there that my gripes are actually paired with tips

See, since I’ve been living in perhaps the tiniest apartment in the East Village (with a roommate I might add), I’ve come to master many essential space-saving hacks.

All of these things took some time and effort to discover. I have a strict budget—I never spend more than $200 on a single item—and am seriously skeptical about products. After all, I am a shopping editor.

Ahead, Space-Saving Hacks

Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags

Tribesigns Corner Shelf

Nifty Rolling Coffee Pod Mini Drawer

Industrial Ladder Desk

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