An Up Close Look At J-Lo's Wedding Day Makeup Glam

We should have known Jennifer Lopez would never have just one wedding — and one so low-key in a Vegas chapel.

It’s J.Lo! She married Ben Affleck on Saturday, August 20, in Georgia wearing a casual 2 million dollars of diamonds and pearls.

At first, we only saw the stunning Ralph Lauren dress.

But now, we got a look at Lopez’s wedding day makeup and it is gorgeous.

Lopez did something wedding planners, hairstylists and all the pros recommend: she kept the look totally her

Although you’re of course going to be much more glam, it’s best not to change the vibe of your hair and makeup completely or you’ll risk not looking like yourself, which can lead to unhappiness with photos.

But J.Lo knows what she’s doing. She hired her usual glam team for the big day: Mary Phillips (makeup), Chris Appleton (hair), Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn (style) and Tom Bachik (nails).

And now, the glam team has shared their own up-close-and-personal photos so we can see Lopez’s beauty details, including her cool-toned smokey eye, loads of lashes, highlighter down her nose and in the inner eye corners of her eyes, plus nude lips.

Peep her light pink nails, too. She wore more of a greige color for her Vegas wedding.

As for the hair, Appleton was tasked with two different looks. “First look hair was pulled back of the face and soft & bouncy in the back, then we dressed the hair into a[n] intricate elegant updo,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing each of the styles.

Want more pics, head to our site or check J-Lo's latest IG pics.