This At-Home Full Body Workout Is Basically A Free Class At Equinox

In search of a blood-pumping, heart-pounding at-home home workout? Look no further

This high intensity interval workout is modeled after one of Equinox's most popular classes, MetCon3.

It requires zero equipment, just your body and a yoga or exercise mat

Let's get started!

The Method

10 exercises on repeat for a minute each, three times through. 

In between each of the three sets, rest for one minute

The program ends with three different fast-paced moves, executed 20 times each. 

Move 1: Squats

Move 2: Push Ups

Move 3: Jumping Jacks

Move 4: One Leg Glute Press

30 seconds on each leg

Move 5: Side Plank Rotations

Move 6: Mountain Climbers

Move 7: Curtsey Squats

Move 8: Tricep Dips

Move 9: Burpees

Move 10: Star Crunch

Repeat that cycle two more times with a minute break in between sets

After 3 cycles of the first 10 moves, we move into the finishing round...

Running Lunge

20 lunges, 10 on each leg

20 Jump Squats

20 Butt Lifts

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