A Case For Wearing Your Shirt Backwards

A Case For Wearing Your Shirt Backwards
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Styling a buttoned shirt can seem like a no-brainer—except for when you start thinking about wearing said shirt backwards. Then, things get a whole lot more interesting.

If you’re the kind of dresser who would rather be eyed with appreciation from a fellow fashion girl than catch the attention of a hetero male, this major street style trend is for you. Because yeah, it’s certainly unconventional, but the effect of a button-up worn backwards is indisputably cool, too.

As you’d expect, this look’s an easy one to pull off; the street style crowd’s leaving their shirts unbuttoned from the top, and pairing them with everything from mom jeans to midi skirts. No need to sit on the sidelines for this trend—just check your skepticism at the door, and click through the slideshow to see how 10 real women are wearing the look, and start your outfit planning immediately.