Wear Your Fashion Controversy on Your Chest

Wear Your Fashion Controversy on Your Chest
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Alexander McQueen’s death. Kate Moss promoting anorexia. Britney Spears going bald. Ah, the controversy which media thrives on. Since fashion is never short on its shocking figures, it comes as no surprise that Brooklyn-based designer Christopher Lee Suave uses said subjects as centerpieces for his latest line of t-shirts. The indie designer caught the attention of NYC’s cool-kid crowd after using variations of Anna Wintour mockery on his tees, and now tackles fashion iconography again in his Spring collection with flashes of Vogue, Tom Ford, and Andy Warhol featured on cotton shirts. Merciless and witty, big statements are made with his pop-art styled interpretations. Somehow, he manages to take celebrity mugshots, Jesus, and Courtney Love, and weaves them all together in some vulgar celebration of irony.

You can get your hands on Christopher Lee Suave’s designs at RevolveClothing.com where, for $71 a piece, they fulfill all sartorial and satirical glory.

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Alexander McQueen tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Ford for Life tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

God Don't Like Ugly tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Crazy Bitch (Courtney Love) tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Punk's Not Dead (Britney Spears) tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Michael Jackson tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Celebrity Mugshots tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

What Would Warhol Tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Skinny Feels Good (Kate Moss) tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Crushed Heart tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Lady Liberty tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

Fuck the Recession tee, $71, at RevolveClothing

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