Wear It Now: StyleCaster Presents Plukka’s Latest Jewelry Giveaway

Liz Doupnik
Wear It Now: StyleCaster Presents Plukka’s Latest Jewelry Giveaway
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If you haven’t noticed, I have a major affinity for rings. Being a massive hand-talker, I like to think it gives emphasis to my thoughts (or distracts away from them if I’m off on a tangent — a fatal flaw of mine). In the midst of my searching for some new finger candy, I obviously referred to one of my favorite online stops for all things accessories, Plukka.

Being a softie for vintage pieces, you can totally score some envy-inducing items that are reminiscent of old-world relics. If that’s not totally your deal, they’ve got you covered too. Minimal and modern pieces, like the Bullet ring (which instantly captured my heart) are perfect for a small statement to accompany an evening dress or look apropos with a work outfit.

With that in mind, I decided to rock this ring on this dreary day with a comfy yet suitable outfit for meetings. I decided to keep the rest of the accessories moderate (according to my excess-obsessed standards). I love layering rings and decided to wear the Bullet ring with a vintage Mexican silver ring to add a nice juxtaposition. I’ve been stuck in a massive tomboy phase and can’t get enough of dressing like Bob Dylan circa 1964. Just a simple button-down and skinny jeans were enough to balance and accentuate the ring. Needless to say, I’ll be getting a lot of wear and tear on this ring in the seasons to come, that’s for sure. Click through the slideshow to see just how sick this ring is and how yours truly decided to wear it today!

Want to score one of your own Bullet rings? Well, now’s your chance! They’re giving away one of these bad boys on their Facebook page now. If you’re not feeling so competitive, you can scoop one of them up April 2 on their website.

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