Beyond the Beach: 3 Ways to Wear a Swimsuit in Real Life

Meghan Blalock

In case you hadn’t heard: swimsuit season is upon us. The weather’s warming up, and the official start of summer is only a few weeks away, causing our our inboxes to fill up with suggestions about how we can get a perfect bikini body in just two weeks (sounds reasonable), the latest bathing suit trends, and so on.

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But one aspect of swimwear that’s often overlooked is just how versatile it is. On the surface it might seem like a bathing suit is just a bathing suit, but there are actually plenty of ways you can wear it beyond the pool or the beach. Why? Because swimwear can be an investment, so it’s nice to know that there are ways to maximize their use, plus most are just really, really cute.

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We sat down with Everything But Water’s style and fit expert, Audrey Jimenez, who gave us the scoop on how to rock your swimsuit in real life.

1. Transform your favorite one-piece into a bodysuit.
“Sleek one pieces, especially in beautiful fabrications, can be worn as bodysuits,” Audrey tells StyleCaster. “A perfect example is our exclusive Marysia one piece.  With its luxurious Italian fabric and couture styling you’d never guess it was a swimsuit when worn as streetwear.” We like the idea of popping a maxi skirt over the suit, or a pair of wide-leg pants.

one piece swimsuit

2. Turn your bikini top into an ornate bra.
“Bikini  tops with beautiful strap detail make great bra tops under backless dresses!” Audrey advises. “A current favorite is our Kiini bikini top with crochet detail along the straps—it would be beautiful poking out from under a dress.”

bikini top

3. From rash guard to crop top.
“The on-trend cropped rash guards are also easily converted streetwear and are as chic with a wide-leg pant or pencil skirt as they are on the beach,” Audrey says.

rash guard


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