Wealthy Women Have Better Sex: Study

Julie Gerstein

It’s good to be rich. Not just because of the obvious things that having money can buy you, but because according to new results revealed from the Spanish National Sexual Health Survey found that your socioeconomic status actually impacts how happy you are with your sex life.

tinder study casual sex Wealthy Women Have Better Sex: Study

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The survey polled around 10,000 respondents, and found that around 90 percent of them were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their sex lives. But here’s where the data gets interesting. The study also examined sexual satisfaction against financial status. Across the board, people who had more money, reported more sexual satisfaction.

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“Those with a higher socioeconomic status seem to have a better awareness of their own needs and a greater capacity for developing their sexuality in a way which is satisfying for them. People of a lower socioeconomic status claim to be less satisfied sexually, which especially applies to women, who seem to be more influenced by these factors,” reported Dolores Ruiz, the main author of the study to Spanish scientific site SINC. “People that have a more disadvantaged socioeconomic status tend to have less satisfying and less safe sexual relations.”

Ruiz linked the lack of sexual satisfaction to increased incidences of sexual abuse. “It’s particularly women of a lower socioeconomic status who suffer more experiences of sexual abuse. It’s important to bear in mind that these women also might have more problems when it comes to contacting the various organizations that can provide help for them,” she said. Wealthy women also report higher incidences of safe sex than their less well-off counterparts.

Ruiz’s solution? Implement social policies to educate poor women about sexual health, and provide access to helpful organizations.