We Wore What Blogger Danielle Bernstein On The Perfect Weekend Outfits: Video

Perrie Samotin

It’s a sad fact, but a true one nonetheless: The countdown to fall has officially begun, but we do have a few weekends left to soak up the season. That said, we’re excited to continue our weekly “Own the Weekends” in which we catch up with fashion and beauty insiders to find out what summer weekends mean to them.

Next up: Danielle Bernstein, the gal behind personal style blog We Wore What. Below, Bernstein dishes on her summer style must-haves, her packing habits, the thing she loves best about summer weekends. Read (and watch) on!

How would you describe your signature summer weekend look, both fashion-wise and beauty-wise?
My signature look would definitely involve a pair of overalls, always. Minimal makeup is key because of the weather but a good concealer and bronzer are always a must as well as a great nude lip.

Regardless of your weekend destination, what are 3 beauty products you’ll never leave home without?
Concealer, bronzer and mascara.

What’s the last thing you bought that you’re psyched to debut?
A just a bought an awesome REFORMATION two piece set that I’m psyched to wear during the day and at night #justaddheals.

Be honest: What type of packer are you?  
I like to plan my outfits as much as possible but also pack a bunch of pieces that I can mix and match so I have options. I’m definitely guilty of overpacking.

What’s one move should girls ditch from our typical weekday routines during summer weekends and why?
Ditch the heels and find adorable summer sandals, flats, or sneakers. As for makeup, don’t cake it on, wear as light makeup as possible, because with this heat you’re sure to sweat it off (unless you’re super-human!)

What’s your absolute favorite thing about the weekends?
Escaping the city and being able to relax on the beach…it’s a great time to unplug.

Video by Alissa Huff