We Review The Bootleg ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Special

Spencer Cain

One of the better gifts given to the world this holiday season was by some presumably English bootlegger, who somehow leaked a copy of the latest episode of Absolutely Fabulous. While I am a major AbFab junkie, I was a tad skeptical about the latest work. Frankly, I was unclear as to whether or not Edina (Jennifer Saunders)and Patsy‘s (Joanna Lumley) crazy ways would translate well in the Internet age.

Luckily for all of us, the show is still a total smash. The girls are as delusional and trend-obsessed as always and they’ve fully integrated themselves into a Twitter-dominated culture where everybody totes an iPad as an accessory.

The episode opens with Edina picking up her daughter Saffy from prison in a Maybach, where she has served a mysterious sentence. Upon asking Patsy what’s changed in the world she has been inside, Patsy tells Saffy that, “Fashion-wise, the color block is over. Donatella is still with us, and we’re loving Ferragamo pumps.” Clearly, not much has changed!

Hilarious pop culture references ensue, especially when Edina’s trusty assistant Bubble goes on a manic spree, shrieking about how excited she was for the Royal Wedding. In regards to the world’s most famous sister-in-law, she exclaims, “Pippa! Swish, swish, swish down the aisle, great big fat ass, no knickers, rear of the year!”

Saffy brings her acquaintance from prison, whom Edina dubs her “priz-friend,” to stay with them. Little does she know, she’s Patsy’s former drug dealer and is soon threatening them unless they can come up with the $50,000 Patsy owes her. Saffy inquires as to why Edina doesn’t have enough cash to bail them out of the tricky sitch.”Darling, I invest in accessories. My shoes are my hedge fund and my footsies are going down,” she exclaims. Amen!

Patsy decides to bite the bullet and claim her enormous pension fund, and finally deals with the fact that she isn’t 39, as she has told everyone for decades. Talk about a milestone. Anyway, the biting wit of the British babes has only gotten stronger over time, and I must point out that they still look fabulous. If only the Sex and the City girls had held up this well!

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