We Resolve To Not Make You Follow These NYE Resolutions

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We Resolve To Not Make You Follow These NYE Resolutions
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Oh 2012, you’re barely a flicker in our consciousness and yet we feel obligated to blearily open our eyes, roll out of bed and grab a pen and paper in our unsteady and inebriated hands. Yes, resolutions must be made, but dare we hope that this year will be the one where we drink less, quit smoking, lose weight, stop being immature and actually USE our gym membership like good little productive adults?

Eh. Probably Not.

But in the meantime, we do promise to continue to entertain you, amuse you, help you dress well and not nag you about not being married/owning a home/having a decent 401K. After all, as the team at StyleCaster can attest — we may not be big on life-changing mantras, but damn do we come up with some weird and downright funny resolutions when we put our minds to it. So enjoy, and don’t let the man (or the doughnut) keep you down.

Hugs, Sloppy Kisses, and a Very Happy New Year!

Your Friends at StyleCaster

P.S. Click on the slideshow above to see what we have have up our sleeves in 2012 and beyond…

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Liz Doupnik, Fashion Editor -- "To accept I am not the Dog Whisperer and that it's unnecessary to stop every person I see on the street and ask to pet their pup."

Spencer Wohlrab, Photographer -- "For the third year in a row: to get my sh%t together. And for the third year In a row it will probably turn into substance abuse."

* Marni Golden our editorial director found this resolution unacceptable and felt the need to point out that Spencer has a habit of wearing non-matching socks with holes in them and should really focus on looking less like a hipster street urchin and more like a dude who DOES have his sh%t together. (Fake it 'til you make it, buddy.)

Amanda Elser, Associate Beauty Editor,  Beauty High -- "I want to learn to knit. Random? Yes. But it looks like a great subway pastime."

(Um, we're not so sure about that...)

Rachel Adler, Beauty Director, Beauty High -- "Not to exist on only carbs in 2012." 

(Says the size 0 woman that gets bulk rate boxes of candy shipped to her.)

Jessica Rubin, Lifestyle Editor -- "Not to go shoe shopping while drunk."

(Why not? It seems to work for Lindsay Lohan.)

Corey Kindberg, Junior Team Member/Fashion Contributor -- "To have a healthy and stable relationship with someone other than Bill from GAP credit card services or my midnight delivery guy."

Spencer Cain, Entertainment Editor -- "To quit drinking soda, no longer eat Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream, and to be nicer to my boyfriend."

Susan Gertner, Culture Writer -- "To marry royalty in 2012."

(She IS in London right now, so it's only a matter of time before we get a wedding invite in the mail or a call for bail money...)

Summer Krecke, Content Director -- "To expand my cat's real estate to include a log cabin. He already has a tee pee, so it seems only fair he should have a summer home."

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