We Know What Project Runway’s MIA Andrae Gonzalo Is Up To!

Spencer Cain

Project Runway designers have seen a variety of success. For example, there’s Christian Siriano who has become some sort of red carpet rock star. Then there’s someone like Andrae Gonzalo (who Santino cheekily teased was at Red Lobster), who was an undisputed standout during Season 2 – – and one of my personal favorite designers who has ever graced the series. But after his departure, he sort of faded into oblivion. We’ve all been left wondering, “Where in the world is Andrae Gonzalo?” – sung of course to the tune of Carmen Sandiego.

Fear not, children. After a little ‘net digging, we’re happy to reveal the whereabouts of Mr. Gonzalo, whose work has been inspired by a wide range of topics including the government’s fashion restrictions during World War II and the gay porn industry of the 1970s. Apparently, he’s been doing good things as of late.New York Moves Magazine challenged Andre to create a bag like no one has ever seen before for a Keep a Child Alive AIDS charity auction. The tech savvy designer teamed up with the LA based Silver Lining design house to make an “original duffel bag with windows designed to incorporate two fully and independently functioning solar panels for charging mobile tech.” Um, okay?

This definitely is not what I expected to hear he was doing, but let’s be honest, it’s awesome. I’m still coming off of New York Fashion Week where thousands of faux-fashionistas scrambled to plug their Blackberrys and iPhones into outlets at every Starbucks within a 10-block radius. (I swear I was trampled multiple times by Louboutin clad lunatics.) So this is the kind of bag I can get behind. Stay tuned to his website for information on when you can order one yourself. A picture is included above. And while it may not be an Herms Kelly, it does the trick.

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