We Didn’t See This Coming: Gaga’s Most Shocking Look Yet

Jessica Rubin

It seems Lady Gaga still has a way with shock value. What did she do now, you ask? She stepped out in London looking normal. Sporting two different looks from the Yves Saint Laurent spring/summer 2012 collection, Gaga looks fashionable, classy and (wait for it) human. Which is a huge change for our girl who prides herself on pushing the boundaries of aesthetic decency.

Not only is she wearing bottoms (gasp!) but her hair is blonde, not orange, and her shoes resemble human footwear, not hooves. While we love Gaga’s experimentation with her on-stage outfits, we must admit that when it comes to street style, this just might be our favorite look to date.

What do you think of Gaga dabbling in the pool of “regular” clothes? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photos courtesy of Red Carpet Fashion Awards.