We Asked Our Most Stylish L.A. List: What’s Your Favorite Emoji?

Sure, you can learn a lot about a person from checking out what they wear, but there’s just something about the way a person texts that teaches you so much more.  So, naturally as we started to get to know each one of our Most Stylish L.A. honorees, we texted them to find out which emojis they loved using the most.

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And their answers are more than just a simple smiley face or the ever-popular green heart. From the playful poodle to the sassy manicured hand, these responses gave us a fun new perspective into the personal lives of some of the most stylish people on the West Coast. There was one surprise, though: One person on our list doesn’t even use emojis—the horror.


Jesse Rogg: “It WAS the winky face until I was told that that’s a creepy emoji.. these days it’s got to be the dancing salsa lady.”

Mark Houston: “The Red Balloon (it’s playful).”

Pia Mia: “The crown emoji, for sure.”

Gillian Rose Kern: “The dancing girl in the red dress.”


Geri Hirsch: “I’ve never met an emoji I don’t like. And BTW, I can’t believe the prayer hands are actually high fives!”

Jaclyn Johnson: “The girl with the arms crossed into “x” shape.”

Janie Bryant: “The Poodle.”

Jared Eng: “I use the app Bitmoji and text my friends personalized emojis​ that look like me.”



Sama and Haya: “The sassy manicure hand.”

Elyse Walker: “Probably the smiley face with heart shaped eyes. I love a lot of people so it’s a good way to say ‘hey lovey, what’s up?'”

James Goldstein: “I don’t use any.”

Laura Hall: “The wine glass.”


Shamari Maurice: “The sunglasses emoji is my key to life!”

Liz Cherkasova: “Monkey closing it’s eyes.”

Jonnie Houston: “Thumbs up.”

Anh Co Tran: “Praying hands.”


Blanda Eggenschwiler: “The purple heart and the thumbs-up one. I wish there was an eye-roll emoji!”

Johnny Ramirez: “The red heart.”

Annabelle Fleur: “It’s so hard to pick just the one! But I would say definitely the heart!”

Andrew Weitz: “Sunglasses and wink face.”


Sophie Simmons: “I like the lips. Its a bit more sexy than just a kiss face.”

Caitlin Crosby: “The yellow face with a heart kiss, and the poop one.”

Cara Santana: “The face with the heart eyes. My boyfriend and I always send it to each other.”

Charlotte McKinney: “The dancing girl in the red dress!”

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