15 Ways to Travel Like a Celebrity, According to Instagram

Beth Stebner

Thanks to the ever-vigilant paparazzi, we know how flawless our favorite celebs look when arriving at the airport, even after a soul-crushingly-long international flight (#nofair). You already know they have perfectly tousled hair, a kickass manicure, and some hardcore oversize black sunglasses that say—even after a red-eye from London—they’ve got this.

And even though a private celebrity airport lounge at LAX threatens the very existence of these shots (oh, the humanity!), we persevere and turn our focus instead to the time between the paparazzi shots—that is to say, what celebs do on their actual trips.

While we can’t say that we’ve ever taken a selfie with a marsupial or had the conundrum of what couture to pack for the next trip, like Taylor Swift or Karlie Kloss, at least now we have something to which to aspire. #Lifegoals. Read on to see how to travel like your favorite celebrity. And if you figure out how to travel only by private jet, please let us know.

1. Always take a selfie with the local flora and fauna.

2. Traveling in sweatpants and Uggs is a mortal sin.

3. Speaking of your wardrobe, always coordinate your outfit to your particular mode of travel.

4. Always grab a window seat for that perfect Instagram shot.

5. At no point should you travel without a posse or #girlsquad.

6. Bring extra layers for when that private jet gets chilly.

7. Make sure to stay on top of your social media game so your friends stuck at home feel like they’re there with you.

8. Always pack extra sunscreen. You know, in case you want to do a photo shoot in the desert.

9. Make sure your glam squad comes with you on your trip so you’re looking red-carpet ready at all times.

10. Keep your hair game on point so it’s the star of your trip rather than, you know, the actual scenery.

11. Lighting in cars, planes, and trains should always be kept to the softest of warm glows for optimal selfies. Don’t even think about getting into a vehicle with harsh overhead lighting.

12. The bags make the woman. And overpacking is not a word that should be in your vocabulary.

13. Make sure to befriend the locals.

14. Pack several outfits so you’re able to coordinate with whatever helicopter gear you may encounter.

15. And, above all, never forget to accessorize.