10 Pretty Ways to Pull off Watercolor Walls

10 Pretty Ways to Pull off Watercolor Walls
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If you haven’t already jumped on board the not-boring wall train, it’s about time. Zsooshing up a plain wall with color and texture adds personality and atmosphere, and makes it possible to be a little bit lazier with the rest of your décor because you’ve already created a stylish backdrop to elevate the other pieces in a room.

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Watercolor walls are the latest way to do just that. In the form of painted mural-style wallpaper—or hand-painted, if you’re feeling super-ambitious—you can pick a color (or multicolored) print that will make an abstract, artsy statement. Check out these 10 cool rooms that use watercolor walls in a variety of different, pretty ways, as inspiration to pull off the trend in your own foyer or living room.

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