Watch Two Guys Cover Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Album in 4 Minutes

Emily Kanoff

SUPERFRUIT has done it again! The duo, who famously covered Beyoncé’s entire last album in just under six minutes, has now tackled Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’—in under four!

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The YouTube superstars, who wracked up over six million views for the “Beyoncé” cover, have got their harmonies down pat on this one. And it’s no surprise, considering their Evolution of Miley Cyrus and “Frozen” mashups were something of another time and place. Seriously watch them.

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For those who don’t want to bite the bullet and buy Taylor’s new album (and still can’t listen on Spotify, UGH!) Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, the voices behind SUPERFRUIT, have created a nice little ‘1989’ package just for you—all the goodness, without the price tag. Thanks guys!