Watch Perfect Models Talk About Being Real Women, Really

Kerry Pieri

The annual Vogue “Shape” issue may just be the most out of touch one of our favorite, out of touch glossies gets. Women in Vogue aren’t a range of shapes, and we wouldn’t want them to be. We love models, and although a good Dove campaign that celebrates real women is, like, so great and uplifting, we kind of like seeing our Lanvin on perfect specimens. Maybe we’ve been brainwashed, thanks so much, fashion!

But, what’s not awesome is pretending that said perfect specimens could ever be confused with “real women” who have “different shapes.” Vogue did a little behind the scenes video where we learn that in order to appear like she has 50s curves, Raquel Zimmerman has to wear a corset, Joan Smalls loves her arms because she doesn’t have to work on them and Daria has her Dad’s legs! Watch on.