Hilarious: Watch People Read the Last Text They Got From an Ex

Watch people read texts from ex

Photo: Le21eme

Aren’t modern relationships brilliantly entertaining? Between blizzard boyfriends advertising themselves on Craiglist and Instagram accounts dedicated to publicizing your #breakupfails, it seems like a relationship is more likely to end up in a breakup meme than a marriage. So when two YouTubers decided to film New Yorkers reading some of the #famouslasttexts they received from ex partners, flings, and casual hook-ups, the results were unsurprisingly hilarious.

The texts range from the classic “I’m still technically married” to the obnoxious, “I  just wanted you to know that I’m making $100,000 a year now,” and a couple of crazy messages you’ll need to read to believe.

It’s Friday afternoon you guys, so put in your headphones, and have a listen (and laugh). We guarantee you’ll relate to at least a couple of these: