Watch Out Kate Moss, Alexa Chung Is Right On Your Heels

Liz Doupnik

We never thought that Kate Moss could be booted off the top of the fashion pyramid. We figured that she was basically a permanent fixture, unable to do wrong. As much as we still agree with this, Kate might need to start watching her back.

It was just last week we reported on her temporary paralyzed state, suffering from a nerve disorder that momentarily affects the movement of her arm and hand. Apparently in this short time, it’s also started to affect her daredevil ways, for which she’s just so infamous.

Apparently, Kate had booked sick magician, Hans Klok to perform at Stella McCartney’s London Fashion Week party. The kicker? Kate was going to be that eager member from the audience who faces death (or at least disfigurement, which may as well be death if anything were to happen to such a gorge face as Kate’s).

But, all of her hopes and dreams of being a magician’s assistant were squashed when her nerve disorder came into the picture. And who stepped up to the dangerous plate? Who else but Alexa Chung, duh. We hope Kate gets better pronto, we just don’t know what we would do if she weren’t able to face death on a daily basis.

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