Watch Miranda Kerr Sell Ice Tea In A Japanese Commercial

Spencer Cain

Just last month, I proclaimed my love for Japanese commercials. As any avid Lost In Translation fan knows, Japanese commercials pay buttloads of cash and Americans rarely see them so you can’t really get accused of selling out by your peers. Basically, it’s a winning situation for everyone involved.

The latest commercial to come out of Japan stars the gorgeous Aussie Miranda Kerr. I love her so much it’s hard to even explain it to you guys. Not only can she give serious FACE, she’s demure, classy and just plain stunning. Oh, and I also love that she’s married to Orlando Bloom. I guess you could say she has the perfect life.

However, this commercial is hilarious. Watch as she hawks “Lipton Limone” ice tea dressed as a cocktail waitress below. Believe me — it’s worth it.

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