You Have to Watch Madonna’s Epic Three-Part ‘Tonight Show’ Performance

Jimmy Fallon has managed to produce more epic celebrity moments than we can count since taking over “The Tonight Show” last fall, but last night’s Madonna appearance may have topped them all.

The superstar took over the talk show with a three-part performance, first joining Fallon and The Roots for an acoustic version of her 1983 hit “Holiday” using nothing but classroom instruments, a signature “Tonight” show sketch when musicians stop by.

Fun, right? She’s not done! Afterwards, Madge tried her hand at stand-up comedy.

“Will you guys laugh if my jokes suck?” she asked the audience before getting on the stage, and quipping “I looked at my [15-year-old] son [Rocco] without thinking and said, ‘Do you have any friends you could introduce me to?'” (Obviously, Jimmy almost fell out of chair in hysterics, as usual.)

But the best part came when the 56-year-old performed “Bitch I’m Madonna,” an oh-so-modest new song from her new album “Rebel Heart” during which she, producer and DJ Diplo, and a posse of backup dancers snaked through the halls of 30 Rock, dancing, sock puppet-ing, singing, gyrating, and generally hamming it up for the crazy-long tracking shot that followed them to “The Tonight Show” stage.

Not that we had any doubt, but these pretty much prove Madonna isn’t only a boss, but still has the power to be one of the most entertaining talk show guests ever—not that we didn’t know that (Right, David Letterman?)