Watch Lady Gaga Play Anna Wintour For A Day


With an insightful (yet pretentious) V magazine column already under her belt, Lady Gaga might be letting this whole “I’m an editor!” schtick go to her headbut hey, we’ll go with it. On Monday in London, Mother Monster channelled her inner Anna Wintour and served as the guest editor-in-chief of the Metro for the day.

She strolled into the paper’s drab offices wearing a leather jacket painted with her Born This Way cover art, a giant beehive hairdo and a black bra with a pair of crystal door knockers hanging from the nipple area, and hilarity ensued. Someone had the brilliant idea of capturing the whole thing on video, and we highly suggest you give it a watch. The looks on the staffers faces are priceless, and Gaga even starts to cry after an intern calls her an inspiration!

Check out the clip below, we’re calling it “The Devil Wears Gaga.” Get it?!

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