Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask Serious ‘Fashion People’ About Designers That Don’t Exist

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask Serious 'Fashion People' About Designers That Don't Exist

“Chandler Bing, I have heard of…I do follow…you know, it’s all about social media as well, so I really follow the brand, as well.”

In case you had any doubt that Fashion Week is partially filled with people who claim to live and breathe fashion but actually know nothing about it, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has given us a piece of brilliant, hilarious proof. For the latest edition of his “Lie Witness News” series, Kimmel and his team hit up show-goers (or well-dressed loiterers, whichever) outside Lincoln Center to ask them what they thought of designers trends, and events that don’t exist. As you’d expect, the results are funny but also pretty cringe-inducing.

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At one point, Kimmel’s interviewer asks a enthusiastic gent about “lesser known” designer Chandler Bing, to which he said: “Chandler Bing, I have heard of…I do follow…you know, it’s all about social media as well, so I really follow the brand, as well.”


Next, they stop an editor of a Mexican newspaper, who claims to love Betsey Ross’ work, while another guy effusively agrees that Bartles & Jaymes’ collection was effervescent and refreshing. Also, a fashion girl claims to have loved Antonin Scalia‘s collection—namely the robes, yes—because she wants to do a “kimono look over overall shorts and heels.”

In case you’re unaware, Chandler Bing was a character in “Friends”, Betsey Ross is widely credited as making the first American Flag, Bartles & Jaymes is a wine cooler brand that was popular in the ’80s, and Antonin Scalia is Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Other embarrassing moments abound, like the wannabes saying they felt bad for Heidi Klum when she face-planted at Alexander Wang but agreed she absolutely handled it with grace (she didn’t walk in that show), admitting they’d pay $3,000 for a “headless dress” because it’s a piece of fashion (basically a red piece of fabric Kimmel’s team made up, that goes over your head), and oh so many more.

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Jokes aside, Fashion Week used to be a exclusive time where buyers, editors, and other members of the press were invited viewed designers’ collections to determine what would be sold in stores and featured in magazine editorials months down the road, and Kimmel is certainly doing his part to show that it’s become a bit of a circus populated by people who, to be frank, probably have no business being there.

The clip is really too good to describe in words. Watch it below!