Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky do their best Jackie O and JFK impressions in this seven-and-a-half minute video.

Watch the Entire 7-Minute Video For Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky’s “National Anthem”

Susie G

Screen shot 2012 06 27 at 9.50.42 AM5 690x390 Watch the Entire 7 Minute Video For Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rockys National Anthem

After releasing about a four-minute sneak peak trailer yesterday via her personal YouTube account, chanteuse-of-the-moment Lana Del Rey just tweeted a link this morning to the full-length video version of “National Anthem.”

The video, which clocks in at more than seven-and-a-half minutes long, features Lana as Jackie O (though her style seems far from the real deal) and A$AP Rocky as JFK, and shows more of a story line as opposed to the continual starring contest we saw in yesterday’s trailer for the music video. Be sure to keep an eye out for A$AP’s best going-to-the-Hamptons get-up, Lana’s massively illegal bee-hive hairstyle, and her New Jersey-bred nails.

Kudos also are due to Lana Del Rey or whoever on her team had the smart idea to release this video a week before the Fourth of July (get it?).

Also, just putting this out there: Lana and A$AP actually make a pretty good-looking and convincing couple together (#truth). Who knows, maybe we’ll seem the two of them getting snapped up, getting all cuddly and cozy together off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard?

Until that happens, check out the official “National Anthem” music video here: