Watch Fashion Editors and Influencers Talk About Spring Cleaning

Perrie Samotin

It’s officially spring, people! And while that means warmer weather, it also means starting to think about cutting your closet clutter to make room for ligher, cuter, newer threads.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, the team behind members-only clothing swap site Bib + Tuck decided to put together a cute video that showcases fashion influencers and editors such as Elisa Goodkind, Hannah BronfmanClaire Distenfeld, Bramble Trionfo, and Kristian Laliberte offering their thoughts on all things clutter, clothing, and closets.

Take a look at the short video above—it might inspire you to get cracking on your mess of a closet.

The silver lining: At least sites like Bib + Tuck exist to make cutting that clutter a little easier!

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