Watch Chanel’s Charming New Fashion Film Starring Lindsey Wixon, 4-Year-Old Hudson Kroenig

Perrie Samotin

We’ve already swooned over the drop-dead gorgeous gowns at Chanel’s Couture show in Paris yesterday (seriously, if you haven’t seen them, look immediately), and now Karl Lagerfeld is giving us even more to fall for.

A new Chanel fashion film called “Public Garden” has surfaced, and it does exactly what fashion films are supposed to: Creatively shape our perception of a brand in a few short minutes.

Shot at the Rodin Museum in Paris and directed by Lagerfeld himself, the charming black and white short stars model Lindsey Wixon and Karl’s 4-year-old godson (and occasional catwalker) Hudson Kroenig, who made headlines this week for his trot down the runway durung the finale of Chanel’s couture show. The film also features Hudson’s real-life dad, model and Lagerfeld muse Brad Kroenig.

The story is playful, with the beyond-adorable mini Kroenig stealing the show as a mischievous scamp (wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with an image of Karl’s beloved cat Choupette, no less), and the film features plenty of Chanel eye candy in the form of clothes, jewelry, makeup, and even an umbrella.

Watch the video above, but be warned: It might make you want to stand up, walk out of your office, and catch the next plane to Paris.