Watch: Anna Dello Russo Swings From A Throne at Her H&M Party with Azealia Banks and Rachel Zoe

Liz Doupnik

Anna Dello Russo’s accessory line for H&M might be one of the highest-anticipated collaborations of the season. We even got to catch up with the Vogue Nippon Fashion Director during her stay for New York Fashion Week. Last evening, however, the style maverick really let it loose with an all-out party to celebrate the new capsule collection (which hits stores October 4 in stores worldwide and online).

Grazia UK filmed the extravaganza and some of the fashion elite guests gushing about all things ADR. The most entertaining moment of the video is, without a doubt, when Anna Dello Russo temporarily morphs into a Cirque du Soleil performer and swings above the crowd in a throne constructed out of plastic roses. (Considering her choice of stilettos, we’re guessing she’s not afraid of heights.)

What also caught our eye is how adorable Azealia Banks looked for her live performance. The young vocalist has really stepped up her game. We loved her outfit in her latest music video, “Luxury,” and the little number she wore on stage is hopefully proof that she’s starting to distinguish as a burgeoning fashionite in her own rite.

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