Watch a 7-Year-Old Review Rodarte’s Spring 2015 Fashion Show

Laurel Pinson

Fashion Week is often as much about people’s opinions as it is about the clothes themselves—and there are always plenty of opinions. We figured this season, we’d branch out and add a new voice to our tradition of asking real people about the fashion hitting the Spring 2015 runways.

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That’s why we recruited a fashion-loving 7-year-old (who goes by the name of Twirl) to review some of the week’s biggest shows for StyleCaster. Twirl already has shown strong (and knowledgeable!) opinions around style, as well as some in-depth thoughts on the latest season of “Project Runway,” so we figured it was high time he tried his hand at New York Fashion Week.

Next up, Rodarte. Twirl considered the show to be “great,” and had a lot of thoughts the show’s inspirations—specifically when it comes to some of the collection’s more show-stopping pieces. Watch the video to see his full review, and check back to see more from our pint-sized fashion critic!

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On the possible inspiration for the collection:

I think that this collection was inspired by birds and Egyptian goddesses. My overall impression of the show is that I think it is great.

On the show in a word, and one particular look in several words:

If I had to describe the show in one word, it would be avant garde. If I had to describe Look 35 in three words, those three words would probably be the ocean, jellyfish, and air. There’s a part near the top of the dress that’s really white and looks like air, and near the bottom, it’s flowy and is the color of aquamarine. Then near the side, it’s kind of like cotton balls—it’s kind of like looking at the bottom and tops of jellyfish.

On his favorite look:

I liked Look 34 the best because I liked how it was shimmery here, and then feathers the rest of it.

On his least favorite look:

I did not like the first look a lot. What I do not like about the first look is the hair. I don’t think it complements the outfit. Because the outfit is like “motorcycle” girl, but then the bangs and the hair isn’t motorcycle girl.

On the Rodarte girl and where she’s going:

I think the girl that is wearing Look 31 is going somewhere in East Asia, like Japan or Taiwan or China. What she’s going to do there is going to be something like hosting a fashion show, or something that involves strong clothing.