A 7-Year-Old on Jeremy Scott’s Runway Show: ‘I Think They’re Going to Miami Beach’

Laurel Pinson

Fashion Week is often as much about people’s opinions as it is about the clothes themselves—and there are always plenty of opinions. We figured this season, we’d branch out and add a new voice to our tradition of asking real people about the fashion hitting the Spring 2015 runways.

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That’s why we recruited a fashion-loving 7-year-old (who goes by the name of Twirl) to review some of the week’s biggest shows for StyleCaster. Twirl already has shown strong (and knowledgeable!) opinions around style, as well as some in-depth thoughts on the latest season of “Project Runway,” so we figured it was high time he tried his hand at New York Fashion Week.

Next up, Jeremy Scott. Scott’s been in the limelight in a major way since taking the reins at Moschino and debuted a Fall 2014 collection that featured McDonalds Happy Meal-inspired bags and SpongeBob SquarePants-embellished separates. For his Spring 2015 show, the L.A.-based designer incorporated whimsical accessories from none other than Miley Cyrus, who also made a cameo on the runway. Twirl’s take on the collection? It’s “definitely a springtime woman,” meant for a group of girls and boys headed to Miami Beach. Watch the video to see his full review, and check back to see more from our pint-sized fashion critic!

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On the Jeremy Scott woman: 
I think Jeremy Scott’s collection is definitely a springtime woman, and it’s definitely good for springtime.
On the possible inspiration behind the collection: 
I think this collection was inspired by the future and flowers.
On his favorite look:
I can’t pick one that’s my least favorite, because I like them all. So my favorite look in Jeremy Scott’s runway show was Look 6, which had, like, a dog printed on the tee and then pants with a gold lining … I also like this look because if I was his size, I could be able to wear the look.
On the women and men wearing the collection’s likely destination: 
I think the girls and boys in this collection are going to Miami Beach. Well, they’re going to get a hotel. Because I bet to have a house in Miami Beach is very expensive.
His overall review:
I like them all, they’re all my favorite.