Watch a 6-Year-Old Review Adam Selman’s Fall 2015 Collection

Laurel Pinson

It’s easy to get jaded by the Fashion Week hubbub, so we’re always looking for ways to see the collections (and the week’s events) through fresh eyes. In our Ask a Real Person series, we ask folks outside the fashion bubble for their take on things, looking at Fashion Week through an entirely “real” perspective.

This season, we’re asking real New Yorkers for their take on some of the season’s buzziest shows. (You’ve read enough reviews from the professionals, right?) Here, six-year-old Brooklyn resident Clementine offers up her take on Adam Selman’s Fall 2015 collection. Selman is probably best-known for dressing Rihanna—yes, he’s the one responsible for that dress—and launched his eponymous collection for Spring 2014. Selman may have had a rebel girl in mind, but Clementine thinks “she’s a hipster.”

One one of her favorite looks:
“What I  like about this one is that she has bows on her shirt, and they’re kind of hanging off. Because bows aren’t supposed to stick! I like the skirt because it’s matching with the gloves.”

On the beauty at the show:
“I don’t like the hairdo. Too crazy.”

On where someone wearing these clothes might be going:
“I think somebody wearing these clothes would go to a crazy party.”

On the Selman girl:
“I think she’s a hipster. Or she might be from the ’80s or something like that. It’s hard to say why I think she’s a hipster, but she kinda looks like a hipster.”

Watch the rest of Clementine’s review above—including her favorite outfits from the collection!