Watch a 13-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Predict She’ll Be Famous One Day

Emily Kanoff

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday, and the internet decided it needed to celebrate with her. Hey, we did it too! But Entertainment Tonight pulled out the big guns by releasing this probably-seen-before footage. The video, from 20 years ago, shows a 13-year-old Kim celebrating her 8th grade graduation with family and friends. “Did you get a tape of this?” she asks. “I hope you did so you can see me when I’m famous.”

Kim Kardashian 1994

Photo: Entertainment Tonight

In the video, Kim’s rocking all the classic 1994 trends: A bob, dark lipstick and a short, white cheongsam. She’s also the life of the party—a distinct contrast to how she acts in public today. Even on her show, where everything is obviously 100% real, she’s a total snoozefest subdued and conscious of how she’ll be portrayed.

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Among other proclamations, Kim announces that everyone loves her, everyone’s jealous of her, and she’s “the dopest on the ropest.” What is dope you ask? “Dope is KIM,” she adds. Watch below:

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While this video could be construed as Kim’s real, true self, let’s all remember what we were like at 13. We personally, would have killed a man for a pair of white Steve Madden platform sneakers.