Mesmerizing: Watch 100 Years of Fashion Trends in Two Minutes

A fascinating new video condenses the last 100 years of western fashion trends into a two-minute clip–and it’s the best thing you’ll see today.

Created by Mode, the montage does a brilliant job at documenting a century of style, starting with prim gloves and parasols of 1915, and stretching all the way to 2015.

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The earlier looks are particularly inspiring, specifically the flapper-era dresses and the incredibly ladylike looks—car coats, tweed suits, pillbox hats—popular throughout the 1950’s and 60’s. We can’t get over how accurate the later outfits are too–we’re betting most of you owned the exact lace-trimmed silk cami and faded flares depicted in the 2005 segment (along with a flip phone—remember those?)

The clip ends at 2015 with a accurate depiction of our current go-to outfit: Ripped slouchy jeans, leather moto jacket, white top, and lace-up heels. It’s hard not to wonder what fashion girls in another 100 years will have to say about that.

Go ahead and watch the video to see how fashion has transformed over the past century—it’s seriously fascinating.