Side-effects may include dreaming about boys, beaches & boogie-boarding

WARNING: Watching Pull&Bear’s SS12 Fashion Film May Cause Serious Vacation Jones-ing

Susie G

With the spring season managing to peek it’s head out of Mother Nature’s doorway as seen through moderately-comfortable temps throughout the good ol’ U. S. of A. today, there’s no doubt that most of you like myself have spring and summer on the brain–which includes dreaming of what beaches to hit up, deciding on the perfect sandal wedges for the seasons and, unfortunately, figuring out how to put together your most flattering bathing suit ensemble.

You’ll be thinking about the warmer months even more so once you check out the latest fashion film from International chain store Pull&Bear, which features a slew of PYTs enjoying the sun on their perfectly bronzed skins off the coast of La Habana in Cuba.

Featuring light-colored, 50s/60s inspired preppy casual wear, these kids look like they’re having the ultimate summer vacation of their lives that just so happens to be beautifully caught on camera with a filter set to “Hipstamatic Haze.”

It’s giving me a vibe quite similar to Gia Coppola‘s short film for Opening Ceremony from last summer–but that just might be me. Oh, and if you’re wondering who that dark-haired, back-flipping beefcake in the video is, why it’s none other than Brazilian top model Marlon Teixeira.

If you’re not too familiar with Pull&Bear, then I don’t blame you. At the moment, Pull&Bear has no stores in the US, but does have over 700 stores in 51 countries worldwide.

And if you haven’t been inside a Pull&Bear retail store yet (like myself), you may have been in one of the apparel chain’s sister stores, including Zara, Bershka and Massimo Dutti.

Check out the Pull&Bear SS12 fashion film down below, but be careful; this may only cause even further spring-slash-summertime daydreaming: