Hang Up That Coat! 5 Tricks to Stay Warm and Look Chic

Meghan Blalock

The weather is starting to dip and many of us are already thinking about coat season—and, if you’re Big Apple-bound, we highly recommend packing warm gear because the cold front pushing through is large and in charge! But cold snaps not withstanding, there’s typically a transitional period between fall and winter, when it’s not quite cold enough to warrant a heavy coat, but it’s not exactly warm enough to go without, either. If you are dreaming of leaving your house without having to lug around a heavy coat, then these outfit tips are for you.

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For those who aim to stave off coat-wearing season for as long as possible, there are a few under-the-radar tricks you can try to stay bundled, look stylish, and leave all your heavy gear at home. Those oversize coats everyone is talking about will have their moment in the sun eventually!

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style zen

Photo via Style Zen

1. Wear a vest over flannel.

If you’ve ever worn flannel, you know just how warm it is. Combined with the unmatchable heating powers of a cute little puffer vest, you’ll be both warm and stylish. Complete the look with a pair of skinny jeans and flat or low-heeled boots for a utilitarian-chic look.

oversized sweater

2. Layer a chunky, oversize sweater over a trim, textured skirt.

There are few things in the world more delightful than a giant sweater in a soft, thick knit. They’re just perfect for nippy, gray days where all you want to do is grab a coffee and snuggle up with a book. Luckily, they’re also on-trend at the moment, and look fantastic with a miniskirt (as seen here!) or a pair of leggings, accompanied by a solid set of stacked booties.

 3. Wear a giant cardigan—or more than one.

The slightly more buttoned-up (literally!) cousin of the oversize knit sweater is the giant cardigan, which in some circles (read: our office) is known as the grandpa sweater. These sweaters come in silhouettes both big and small, oversize and curve-hugging. Our preference for cooler days: an oversized grandpa sweater in a thick knit and creative pattern. Feel free to layer it on top of a T-shirt, a chambray, or even another, slim-fit grandpa sweater if you’re feeling bold (and cold).

the sf style huge scarf

Photo via The SF Style

4. Wear a big, bulky scarf.

The warming powers of a seemingly never-ending scarf cannot be underestimated—and it’s very fortunate for us that these soft wraps will never go out of style. Whether it’s a scarf of thick cotton, sweater blend, or possibly even—prepare for your mind to be blown!—wearing more than one normal-sized scarf at once, it’s sure to keep you chic and toasty at the same time. (Plus, there are so many different ways to wear them!)

5. Sweatshirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts.

As we’ve seen, the fashion sweatshirt is a big thing this season—both in terms of trends and size. These are both very good things, because it means that wearing a sweatshirt that hits mid-thigh will keep you both feeling warm and looking cool. It’s also great for layering: try it over a loose-fitting chambray shirt or a classic flannel with a leather skirt, tights, and boots.

6. Wear a maxi dress.

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to retire your oft-worn maxi dresses to the back of your closet. Au contraire, they are actually fabulous for layering: just throw on a sweater and a belt, or wear a pair of tights for extra warmth, and a pair of flat boots like the Alexander Wang beauties shown here.