Want: The Most Perfect Silk T-Shirt To Wear All Summer

Meghan Blalock

myrna top Want: The Most Perfect Silk T Shirt To Wear All Summer

What: A crisp, modern, graphic top in a geometric black-and-white grid print and made from 100% silk.

Why: In the thick of the incredibly colorful pieces currently saturating the market, sometimes a gal just wants to spend a little time with fashion’s greatest pairing (also known as black and white.) The monochromatic hues look chic with everything, never goes out of style, and never appears fussy or overtly trendy.

How: Pair this standout top with a pair of black skinnies and white pointy heels for a truly minimalist look. Or, if you simply must have color, wear the silk T-shirt with a simple but saturated pencil skirt.

Kate Spade Myrna Top, $228; at Pink Mascara

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