Want To Get Clean Like Brad Pitt? ‘Fight Club’ Soap Is Here!

Spencer Cain

If anyone in your life is a Fight Club freak (we all know ’em), I have the perfect gift for them this holiday season: Fight Club soap! Based off of the original prop from the 1999 film, the soap is identical to the one a rather rugged Brad Pitt wields (see above).

I’m shocked that it took 12 years for someone to come up with this, and as a side note, who else is floored that it’s been over a decade since the damn movie was released? Oh, the passage of time…

Anyway, click here to snag the soap, and please take note that it is caffeinated. What exactly are the perks of caffeinated soap? No idea. I’m not complaining though, I could probably use a little more pep when I’m getting sudsy.