Want: A Unique Turband in a Bold Pop Art Print

Meghan Blalock

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 4.08.35 PM

What: A made-in-L.A. turban-headband hybrid in a fun pop art-print (look closely and you’ll see the print is actually munchies like hamburgers, ice cream, and fruit).

Why: Turbans and headscarves can often feel super boho and we love how this one doesn’t take itself seriously—and we’re all for anything that’ll add a unique touch to a traditional, somewhat uninteresting updo. Plus, there’s wire inside which makes tying it in various ways a total breeze.

How: If your hair’s long enough, go for a twisty top-knot and place the turban’s tied ends snug against it. From there, keep the rest of your look relatively simple—think a pair of high-waist denim cutoffs and a T-shirt, a solid dress, or a skinny pair of jeans.

Cult Gaia Munchies Headwrap, $38; at Urban Outfitters