Want: An Easy-Breezy Floral Silk Drop Waist Dress

Meghan Blalock

style2006 4 9 Want: An Easy Breezy Floral Silk Drop Waist Dress

What: A girly, fluttery floral patterned drop-waist dress made from 100% silk.

Why: Rising New York designer Kim Phan has an almost precious dedication to flowers, and her undying love for the delicate florals pervades her designs. This one is especially sweet, and will look chic all summer long.

How: For work, try teaming it up with a white blazer and a pair of simple brown flats. For the weekend (or for those more daring), add to the dress’ color palette with a pair of bright yellow clogs!

Vina Dress, $194; at Yumi Kim

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