Wanna Rage? Well, The Hanson Boys Have You Covered

Jessica Rubin

For those of you that came of age during the time when those blonde hunks known as the Hanson brothers ruled the tween world, you’ll be happy to know that the boys are back, and they’re catering to your new, ‘grown-up’ tastes.

According to US Magazine, next year when you pop into a bar for a pint after a long day at the office, you can have yourself a tall glass of “MMMHop” beer. (We kid you not.)

Maybe this venture was born from the desperation following the release of their most recent album, Shout It Out, which no one has ever heard of. But regardless of the reason for their newest project, we’re excited to have Zac, Taylor and Isaac back in our lives. And we can’t wait to see how many impromptu alcohol-fueled Hanson sing-a-longs their new brew will inspire.

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Image courtesy ofADC-DIFFUSION/SIPA.