Wanna Go On A Tour of Dior? Now You Can!


Have you ever wondered what its like to stroll the halls of a couture atelier? To see the inner workings of a gourmet kitchen? Or perhaps, how to concoct a bottle of perfume? If so, you’re in luck: Luxury conglomerate LVMH is giving you the chance, opening the doors to the public of over 22 of its companies facilities for a behind the scenes glance at how some of the worlds most expensive products are made.

The October event will mainly be happening in France, where online reservations will be made on a first-come, first-serve basisalthough, it has yet to be mentioned how much cash you will have to cough up to tour each location. So far, notable participants include Dior Parfums and Glenmorangie, the single-malt whiskey maker.

LVMH is typically associated with the end product of exclusivity and glamourthe crme de la crme, shall I sayso it is interesting that the company is giving us commoners this VIP access. According to WWD, CEO Bernad Arnualt says, Products are one thing, but how theyre made, who makes them, and where is also of interest to the public. Mr. Arnualt will be sending you his invitation via an advertising campaign for the event that will be launching June 20th.

So, how much would you shell out to get inside Dior for a day? It would probably cap off around $50 for me, and that would have to include some pretty nice perksand maybe even some freebies.