Walt Frazier Talks His Championship Rings and Custom Suits

Spencer Cain

 Walt Frazier Talks His Championship Rings and Custom Suits
When it came time for our sister site StyleCaster to produce 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers, NBA legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier was a no-brainer. Frazier has become a staple in the fashion world thanks to his refined fashion sense, which includes a plethora of custom pieces from suits to alligator briefcases.
We couldn’t resist picking Frazier’s brain on everything from his stunning championship rings to where he gets his suits made—and how many he buys at a time. Read on for the scoop!
On His Championship Rings: When talking to Frazier, it’s impossible not to notice the massive rings on his fingers. Naturally, we had to inquire. “My favorite moment of my career would be the Knicks’ first championship in 1970. This is the ring, I wear it everyday, and it’s symbolic of a perfect season, everything has to go right. This is another one of my greatest achievements — being voted one of the 50 greatest players of all time. Obviously that’s my greatest individual accomplishment. When you think of all the players that have played in the NBA since 1945, to be one of the 50 greatest is a great honor. The league designed these rings, but now you see they’re more ostentatious. The teams will design the rings now,” he explained. When you wear such exciting pieces as him, you don’t need loud jewelry to accessorize.
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On How He Got Interested In Fashion : It’s no secret that Frazier is a force in the fashion world, so we wanted to know how it all started. “When I came to New York, my teammates were wearing cuff-linked shirts with the monogram on the cuff, so I started to go where they went. Then the suits and custom shoes followed. What set me apart was the hat. [When the movie] “Bonnie and Clyde” came out, Clyde became my fashion image. Most of my endorsements and commercials were dealing with the name Clyde because it personifies cool and savoir-faire.”
On How Many Suits He Has: Fraizer is known for his custom suits, and we wanted to know how much he makes each season. “I’m making about 25 new suits for the season coming up. And maybe that many shirts, that many pairs of shoes. I think I’m elevating my game a bit more! The summer time is when I take me time and get all my fabrics for the suits and for the ties. This time, I’m getting wide-knot silk ties with patterns. I love designing and creating, and I spend hours and hours going into stores and shopping for fabrics,” Frazier explained.
On Where He Gets His Suits Made: Frazier has top of the line pieces, but he isn’t getting them made at Tom Ford. In fact, he prefers local New York neighborhood spots. “35th between 7th and 8th is where my tie maker is. My suit maker is on 42nd and Vanderbilt, my shoe maker is downtown on Delancey street, so I’m all over when I do my shopping. Other than underwear—that’s the only times I may go to Bloomies and Macy’s. I got my briefcase where I get my shoes, it’s alligator.”
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