Yikes: Walmart Created a ‘Fat Girl Costumes’ Section on Its Website

Leah Bourne

evhrgwccm5kcozouqgdc Yikes: Walmart Created a Fat Girl Costumes Section on Its WebsiteIn one of the worst PR gaffes we’ve come across in a while, Walmart created a “Fat Girl Costumes” section on its website. Yeah, yikes is right.

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Jezebel, by way of one its readers, spotted the staggeringly ill-advised section on the massive retailer’s e-commerce site, which features most of the same outfits as the Women’s Plus Size Adult section. It seems like the section label was most likely created by a (not very nice) web developer or merchandiser as dummy text, and mistakenly never changed, but still, not cool.

The section’s wording has since been altered, but people remain pretty riled up on social media about the whole thing. Twitter user @ItsWithaY wrote “Not sure labeling these as ‘Fat Girl Costumes’ is the best approach. #rude,” while @ JessNewhall wrote “Thank you @Walmart for giving me yet another reason not to shop at your store.”


So yes, it appears the damage has been done.

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