Wake up With Timo Weiland


Partnering with Starbucks, we wanted to show how the movers and shakers of New York Fashion Week start their day during the most exciting time for fashion all year. In the video below, we caught up with fashion designer Timo Weiland.

New York Fashion Week is famous for many things: the models, the celebrities, the parties, the press, and the hype. But any expert will tell you that Fashion Week is about one thing and one thing only: the designers.

Fashion designers the world over flock to Fashion Week to showcase their talents, sharing the spotlight with the biggest names in the business. But every big name was a breakout star at one point, and their ascent began at Fashion Week.

In the above video, Nebraska-born designer Timo Weiland explains the trials and tribulations of New York Fashion Week. An emerging designer, Weiland is celebrating his vaunted brand’s fifth year at NYFW.

Weiland describes Fashion Week as one big illustrious blur, where night feeds into day then moves back into night.

Would he change it for anything in the world? No way.


  • Produced by: Patrick Biesemans
  • Shot by: Michael Ormiston
  • Edited by: Jeff Croghan

Check back tomorrow where you can wake up with a differentmover and shaker from New York Fashion Week 2012.

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