Wake up With Sabrina Michaels of Bumble and Bumble


Partnering with Starbucks, we wanted to show how the movers and shakers of New York Fashion Week start their day during the most exciting time for fashion all year. In the video below, we caught up with Sabrina Michaels, of Bumble and Bumble.

Throughout our “Wake up With” series, we’ve learned how designers, producers and make-up artists come together to make magic happen at New York Fashion Week. But let’s not forget about the hair.

The runways of New York Fashion Week are brimming with big bold hair styles that often times make the photos we love pop as much as the clothing.

If anyone knows about hair and fashion, it’s Sabrina Michaels, Director of Style Education at New York’s prestigious Bumble and Bumble.

From styling Madonna’s hair to shaving famous model’s heads (or dying their hair blue), Michaels’ style has graced more photos than you could imagine.

It takes Michaels three days to prepare for the first night of Fashion Week. What’s her best piece of advice? “Oh, get a good night’s rest.” We got it.


  • Produced by: Patrick Biesemans
  • Shot by: Michael Ormiston
  • Edited by: Jeff Croghan

Check back tomorrow where you can wake up with a different mover and shaker from New York Fashion Week 2012.

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