Wake up With Christine Olsen of CFDA


Partnering with Starbucks, we wanted to show how the movers and shakers of New York Fashion Week start their day during the most exciting time for fashion all year. In the video below, we caught up with Christine Olsen of the Council for Fashion Designers of America.

No time of year better showcases the power of fashion than New York Fashion Week.

But fashion isn’t just about the glitz and glamor surrounding models and designers, it’s about wearing something that makes you feel great, no matter how much it costs.

This is how Christine Olsen found herself in the fashion industry, after her grandmother made her a pink tutu out of curtains, at the tender age of three. “It was amazing that [my grandmother] could turn curtains into something that made me feel so good,” Olsen recalls.

Olsen’s favorite part of fashion week isn’t just the designers’ latest lines. She loves finding out about trends and what the influencers are wearing at the shows, through social media.

“I always like to see what’s going on digitally,” Olsen admits. “I’m a nerd that way.”


  • Produced by: Patrick Biesemans
  • Shot by: Michael Ormiston
  • Edited by: Jeff Croghan

Check back tomorrow where you can wake up with a different mover and shaker from New York Fashion Week 2012.

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