The Waiting Period


If you’re anything like me, nothing makes you want to become a secluded, introverted hermit more than first dates. Maybe your apartment floor has a rut in it now from you pacing back and forth, with one heel on, one heel off, and maybe your roommate thinks you’re nuts because you tend to talk to yourself while eating the two saltines your grandma told you to eat to calm your stomach, so you don’t eat like you were brought up in a barn at dinner. Wow…I’m using run-on sentences just thinking about it.

Anyway…say the first date went insanely well. The time flew by, there were no awkward silences, and the candlelight you were bathed in made you look as close to Megan Fox as you’re probably ever going to get. (Which…I mean…isn’t close at all, but you get my point.) We realize it’s not the ‘50s, but don’t you want him to be the one to ask you out again? Here are a few go-to tips to ensure that not only do you get a second date, but also he and the entire tri-state area do not label you Crazy Psycho Girl. Good luck!

Delete his number

Yep…I said it. As weird as this might sound, you’ll have no choice but to wait for his follow-up call/text. Unless you’ve been friends for a while or something, texting him at 2am the following night after you’ve had a few cocktails could be potentially embarrassing, or it could give him the wrong impression (i.e. You have now been dubbed Booty Call Girl). If the date went as well as you think it did, most likely he’ll call. And if he waits two weeks…then he’s not worth being in your contact list anyway.

Don’t obsess

This might be hard, especially if it’s the next day and…nothing; but it’s vitally important to your health. If he’s on iChat and doesn’t message you, don’t sit staring at his screen name willing him to do so, or check his Facebook to see if any girls commented on his status. If you have mutual friends, don’t ask them to ask him how the date went in his eyes. You’re not 13, this isn’t Spring Fling; he probably won’t leave a note in your locker. (And if you have a locker, that’s another issue altogether.)

Don’t over-eat

One of my best friends (who shall remain nameless, but I love her) has a tendency to eat an entire jar of Nutella with a spoon when she is overthinking about a new guy. Now, only is this super dangerous to your dress size…but you shouldn’t replace one thing you’re obsessing about with another. (Even though Nutella is delicious on strawberries and pretzels…yum.) Try not to over-talk either…your friends want to hear a recap of your blissful evening, but not a re-re-re-recap. Plus, the less you talk about it, the less you’ll think about it; until you see his name (or number…since you deleted it) on your BlackBerry.

Buy shoes

I don’t know…it’s distracting, and sort of my advice for everything. I’m not a psychiatrist, guys.