There’s a Huge Waiting List to Buy Fendi’s $1,685 Karl Lagerfeld Fur Charm

Fashion has, at times, asked its followers to do some pretty extravagant stuff. Whether or not we condone it, we accept the fact that most designer bags cost as much as month’s rent, we understand a red sole can make a shoe that much more covetable, and we don’t bat an eye when we see street style stars preening for photographers in things like look like a bathmat.

However, we have to ask whether Fendi’s latest “It ” accessory—the Karlito, a fur charm that looks like Karl Lagerfeld and costs $1,685—serves any real purpose other than to signify how much cash you spent on it. Clearly, it doesn’t matter: There’s a waiting list of over 600 people.

karl lagerfeld fendi fur charm waiting list

The ‘Karlito’ charm made its debut during Fendi’s Fall 2014 runway show. (Imaxtree)

According to WWD, the charm—which is meant to dangle from your (presumably designer) handbag—features black mink sunglasses, a silver fox body and a tuft of goat fur, and has been racking up eager shoppers since the wait list opened last month

We first saw the Karlito charm last season, when model Cara Delevingne carried it down the Fendi runway, and posed for Instagram snaps clutching the charm alongside its likeness, Lagerfeld himself.

Fendi seems to be targeting Sybarites of the highest order lately, having debuted $700 fur Buggie charms last year—cute little monsters that also hang from your bag—which swiftly sold out and were spotted on everyone from Anna Dello Russo to obviously cash-rich Fashion Week attendees, like the one below.

fendi buggie bug monster fur

Last year’s It-accessory: Fendi’s $700 fur Buggie. (Photo: Jenny Norris)

As for the Karlito charms, deliveries start in September—just in time for Fashion Week.

Would you ever spend almost $2,000 on a fur Fendi charm? Weight in below!